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Specific Information on Parenting Boys

Are you the parent of a boy?

Are you expecting a boy?

Are you experiencing difficulties parenting boys?

Are you just looking for general parenting advice for your boy?

Look no further! You have come to the right place. I'm a mom of two boys who created this website to answer your questions. I will share with you the insight I gained from raising my own boys and from my research into the topic of raising boys.

It seems like none of the parenting websites around are gender specific, as if gender didn't matter. But, if you are already a parent, you will know as much as I do that boys and girls are indeed different from the youngest age. Therefore, they need different parenting. This is why you will only find information on parenting boys here, to give you the answers you need to help you parent your boy.

You'll find practical and useful information on this site, including:

Are you still not convinced about the gender thing? Take a look at this picture of my two boys, Logan and Connor.

See, if they'd been girls, they would have been princesses! ;)
(for the record, they were fighting dragons)

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