Definition of Discipline

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According to the Chambers Dictionary, the definition of discipline is:

a training designed to engender self-control and an ordered way of life; the state of self-control achieved by such training

What does that mean exactly?

I think the word training is key. Discipline is not about giving orders to a child who should obey them all. It's training him to follow an ordered way of life, compatible with family and society life. It's a process that should help your son to learn appropriate behaviors depending on the situation and that should teach him to make good choices. Discipline should help a child to learn self-control and teach him to respect others.

Some parents do not like thinking about discipline, they do not like to see their son unhappy. I'm sorry to say that, if the parent is not the one who makes his/her son unhappy from time to time, then he'll be much unhappier once he is away from home in the real world.

What a discovery it will be for him to see what life is really like! It is a parent's job to teach their child appropriate behaviors and self-control, whether they like it or not. Children need to learn to function with boundaries, laws, rules. This is necessary for a life with others.

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