Typical Toddler Development Milestones

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Here is a quick view of toddler development milestones to help you keep track of your son's development.

Fine Motor (12-24 months)

  • Builds tower of three small blocks
  • Puts four rings on stick
  • Places five pegs in pegboard
  • Turns pages two or three at a time
  • Scribbles
  • Turns knobs
  • Throws small ball
  • Paints with whole arm movement, shifts hands, makes strokes
  • Uses a spoon and cup

  • Gross Motor (12-24 months)

  • Walks alone
  • Walks backwards
  • Picks up toys from floor without falling
  • Pulls toys, pushes toys
  • Seats self in child size chair
  • Walks up and down stairs with hand held
  • Moves to music

  • Language

    18 Months

  • Has vocabulary of 5-20 words
  • Vocabulary made up chiefly of nouns
  • Some echolalia (repeating a word or phrase over and over)
  • Is able to follow simple commands
  • Recognition of pictures of familiar persons, objects
  • Early 2-word combinations of words emerge
  • Needs are requested verbally such as "more, up"
  • 24 Months

  • Can name a number of objects common to his surroundings
  • Combines words into a short sentence
  • Length of sentences is given as one to two words
  • Approximately two-thirds of what child says should be intelligible
  • Vocabulary 150-300 words
  • Can use two pronouns correctly: I, me, you - although me and I are often confused
  • Responds to such commands as "show me your eyes (nose, mouth)"
  • Child understands simple questions and commands
  • Child will refer to self by name
  • Start to use the negative "not go"

  • Social development (12-24 months)

  • recognizes self in mirror or picture
  • refers to self by name
  • plays by self; initiates own play
  • imitates adult behaviors in play
  • helps put things away
  • points to some body parts
  • uses familiar objects correctly (cup, key, phone, shoe, etc.)
  • recognizes pictures of familiar objects or people

  • tries to figure out how things work

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