Unique Baby Boy Name
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You want to find a unique baby boy name? I have compiled for you a list of names that are unusual but still have a meaning or history. Unique doesn't have to be totally out of there!

You will find in the following table an alphabetical list of unique baby boy names with meaning and origin:

Acheron River of woes Greek
Achilles Unknown Greek
Actaeon Unknown Greek
Admentus Unknown Greek
Adonis Handsome Greek/Roman
Aeacus Goat skin shield Greek
Aegeus Unknown Greek
Aegir God of the sea Teutonic
Aegyptus Unknown Greek
Aeneas Unknown Greek/Roman
Aeolus God of the winds Greek/Roman
Agamemnon Unknown Greek
Ajax Alas Greek
Alberich Unknown Teutonic
Albus Fictional character: Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) Unknown
Alcestis Unknown Greek
Altair Bird Arabic
Amphion Unknown Greek
Androclus Unknown Roman
Antaeus One who is opposite Greek
Anubis God of death Egyptian
Apollo God of youth and beauty Greek
Aquilo The north wind Roman
Aramis Fictional swordsman French
Archer Bowman English
Ares War Greek
Argus Watchful Greek
Aristotle Seeking the best Greek
Asclepius God of medicine Greek
Ash Ash tree Hebrew
Aster Star Greek
Atlas Titan who upholds the world Greek
August Venerable Latin
Apolo Olympic Speedskier Apolo Ohno Greek
Bacchus God of wine Roman
Balder Prince Norse
Balor Sea giant Celtic
Baron Warrior French
Bay Evergreen French
Bear Unknown Unknown
Berry Fruitful Old English
Berlin Capital of Germany German
Bing Actor and Singer Bing Crosby Unknown
Bishop Overseer Greek
Blaze Stammerer Latin
Blue Unknown French
Bode American Skier Bode Miller Unknown
Boreas The north wind Greek
Bragi God of poetry Norse
Brahma Prayer or worship Sanskrit
Bran Raven Celtic
Bremen A state and city in NW Germany German
Briareus Strong Greek/Roman
Bruno Brown German
Buck A male deer or a stag Old English
Burr Prickly plant English
Butcher Meat cutter English
Butler Chief servant English
Cacus Unknown Roman
Cadmus One who excels Greek/Roman
Caspian Caspian Sea in Central Europe Unknown
Cecrops Unknown Greek
Chance Luck Old English
Charon Unknown Greek
Chevy Actor and Comedian Chevy Chase French
Chiron Sagittarius Greek
Cicero Chickpea Latin
Clay Settlement by the clay pit Old English
Cliff Dweller by the cliff Old English
Colt Young horse or frisky English
Conan Talk Show Host Conan O'Brien - English writer Arthur Conan Doyle Irish
Cormac Raven's son Irish
Cronus Unknown Greek
Cuba Island republic in the Caribbean Spanish
Cupid God of love Roman
Daedalus Cunning craftsman Greek
Dara Compassion Hebrew
Diomedes Unknown Greek
Dionysus God of wine Greek
Dis God of the underworld Roman
Dale Hollow or valley Old English
Dallas City in Texas Scottish
Denver City in Colorado English
Drake Dragon English
Edgerrin NFL Football Player Edgerrin James Unknown
Eros God of love Greek
Eurus The east wind Greek
Eurystheus Unknown Greek
Everest Mountain in S Asia Unknown
Ewan Actor Ewan McGregor Scottish
Fafner Unknown Teutonic
Fenrir Unknown Norse
Finch A small songbird Unknown
Fisher Fisherman Old English
Flash Fictional character: Flash Gordon
Forrest Dweller of the forest French
Fox Cunning Old English
Frey God of fertility Norse
Frost Freeze Old English
Ganymede Beautiful Greek
Garm Watchman of Hades Norse
Gemini Twin Roman
Geronimo Sacred Italian
Geryon Three Greek
Gray Gray haired Old English
Grove Wood or forested area English
Gulliver Fictional Character from Jonathan Swift’s book Unknown
Gunnar Battle warrior Norse
Gunner Battle warrior Scandinavian
Hades God of the underworld Greek
Hagen Strong defense Teutonic
Hawk Acute Unknown
Haze Vagueness Old English
Heath A heath or a moor Old English
Heathcliff Cliff near the heath Old English
Hector Steadfast Greek
Heimdall Watchman of the bridge Norse
Heinz NFL Football Player Heinz Ward Unknown
Helios Sun God Greek
Hephaestus God of the fire or the forge Greek
Heracles Divine glory Greek
Hercules Glorious gift Greek
Hermes Messenger Greek
Hogni Unknown Norse
Horus God of the sun Egyptian
Hulk Actor and Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan Unknown
Humphrey Actor Humphrey Bogart German
Hymen God of marriage Greek/Roman
Icarus Unknown Greek
Indigo Dark blue Greek
Ixion Unknown Greek
Janus Passageway Roman
Jasper Treasurer French
Jericho A city in Palestine Arabic
Jove Sky father Greek
Jupiter Sky father Roman
Keanu Actor Keanu Reeves Unknown
Kent County in SE England Welsh
Lancelot Knight of Arthur French
Lares Protector of the home Roman
Leaf Foliage Old English
Leander Lion man or brave as a lion Greek
Lex Defender of mankind Greek
Loki Mischievious Norse
Loyal Faithful English
Lugh God of the sun Celtic
Mace Weapon English
Major Pearl Greek
Manannan God of the sea Celtic
Manes God of the underworld Roman
Manu Giver of laws Sanskrit
Marlon Actor Marlon Brando French
Marquis Nobleman French
Mars War Roman
Marshal Officer French
Marvel Filled with wonder French
Maverick Unbranded American
Maximus The greatest Latin
Meleager Unknown Greek
Memphis City in the state of Tennessee Egyptian
Meneleus Unknown Greek
Mercury God of invention Roman
Merlin Sea hill Celtic
Michelangelo Combination of Michele and Angelo Unknown
Minos Unknown Greek
Montel Talk Show Host Montel Williams Spanish
Montreal Seaport in Quebec French
Morpheus God of dreams or sleep Greek
Naiads God of water Greek
Narcissus Self love Greek
Neptune God of the sea Roman
Nester Departing Greek
Noble Unknown Old English
North Unknown Old English
Odin God of all Norse
Odysseus Unknown Greek
Oedipus Unknown Greek
Orion Unknown Greek/Roman
Orlando City in Florida German
Orpheus Unknown Greek
Orson Movie Director and Actor Orson Welles Latin
Osiris Judge of the dead Egyptian
Oslo Seaport and capital of Norway Norwegian
Ozzy Singer Ozzy Osbourne Unknown
Pan God of nature Greek
Pandarus Unknown Greek/Roman
Paris Lover Greek/Roman
Pax Peace Roman
Pegasus Poetry Greek
Philemon Affectionate Greek
Phoenix Bright or red Greek
Piers Lover of horses English
Plaxico NFL Football Player Plaxico Burress Unknown
Pluto God of the underworld Greek
Polynices Unknown Greek/Roman
Poseidon God of the sea Greek
Prince Prince Latin
Prospero Fortunate or lucky Latin
Proteus God of the sea Greek
Quentin Movie Director Quentin Tarantino Latin
Ra God of all Egyptian
Ranger Forest keeper French
Ransom Son of Rand English
Red Comedian Red Skelton Old English
Regent Governor Latin
Regis Talk Show Host Regis Philbin Unknown
Ridge Edge of a cliff English
Ringo Singer and Musician Ringo Starr Unknown
Rio River Spanish
River Actor River Phoenix French
Rock Actor Rock Hudson English
Romeo Lover Italian
Ronde NFL Football Player Ronde Barber Unknown
Royal Regal French
Saber Sword French
Santiago Capital of Chile Spanish
Sargent A squire French
Satordi Saturn French
Saturn God of agriculture Roman
Sawyer Wood cutter English
Seal Singer Seal Unknown
Sherlock Blond English
Siefried Victorious peace Teutonic
Sigurd Guardian of victory Norse
Sinbad Fictional character Unknown
Sirius Dog star Greek
Spike Comedian Spike Milligan Unknown
Sterling Valuable Old English
Stone Stone Old English
Storm Tempestuous English
Tantalus Tantalize Greek
Tarzan Fictional character Unknown
Theseus Unknown Greek
Thor Thunder Norse
Thoth God of wisdom Egyptian
Tiger Unknown Greek
Tiki NFL Football Player Tiki Barber Unknown
Tobey Actor Tobey Maguire Hebrew
Triton Unknown Greek
Troy Ancient ruined city in NW Asia Minor English
Trust To believe Old English
Try God of war Norse
Ull God of archery Norse
Ulysses Wrathful Roman
Uranus Heaven Greek
Vegas Las Vegas: City in Nevada Spanish
Vin Actor Vin Diesel Unknown
Vulcan God of the fire or the forge Roman
Warden Custodian French
Wolf Wolf English
Wolfgang Chef Wolfgang Puck German
Yahto Blue Sioux
York City in NE England English
Zenith The greatest height Arabic
Zephyrus West wind Greek
Zeus God of all Greek
Zion A hill in Jerusalem Hebrew
Zurich City in Switzerland German

I hope this list of unique baby boy names will help you find THE perfect unique baby boy name.

Of course it is hard to provide a list of unique baby boy names as unique is unique after all and maybe you will be the one to find YOUR unique baby boy name by just making it up.

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