My Parenting Boys story

by Michael

Kids always learn by example and never by preaching. So, even if you tell your child everyday, not to lie, but he sees you doing just that with your friends or relatives, he is sure to pick the habit up.

Sometimes we end up in a situation where a child looks up to us for support and we must make the correct judgment.

A similar incident happened with me a few years ago, but its effects are vivid even now. My 8 year old son and I were driving to the airport on a cold and snowy evening. It had already become dark and the weather was simply awful. We had to catch a flight to New York where my wife and daughter were waiting for us. All four of us had plans to spend time together for four days. It was the 23rd of December and we had the week off. A lot of activities had been lined up and all of us were very excited. We rarely had vacations together as both my wife and I are very busy people and the kids usually suffer because of our work commitments. This was a chance to make up to them. All of us had thought this would be memorable Christmas!

Anyway, taking a sharp turn on a winding road, I gasped in fear as a little girl, no more than five, jumped out right in front of my car. I swerved to the right and my tires skidded violently due to ice on the surface. Fortunately, there was no other car in sight and so a terrible accident was avoided.

I stopped at once and got out. She was an adorable little girl with golden brown locks cascading down her shoulders, wearing a beautiful white fur coat. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold and I could see that she had been crying as well.

She told us that she and her mom had been in a car accident and her mom was hurt. We quickly ran a couple of feet off the road where their car had hit a tree and stopped. Her mom was unconscious with her head slumped forward on the steering wheel. There was blood oozing out from a nasty gash on her forehead and another one on her arm.

I called 911 from my cell and within minutes we had an ambulance to the rescue. Just as I thought my work was over, I saw the crestfallen expression in the girl's eyes. She was scared that we were going leave her all alone.

It was a tough decision to make but one that I am very proud of. I took my son to the side and asked him if it was okay to miss our flight. I also warned him that chances were that we wouldn't get another flight out to New York as it was Christmas season and that meant that our holiday was probably over before it even started.

I told him that the little girl was scared and alone and she needed our support. I was surprised to see the instant compassion in his eyes and he at once told me that the trip was not that important as saving a life. I have never been more proud of my son as I was in that moment!

We ended up spending the entire night at the hospital and waited till the girl's grandparents arrived from another city at noon the next day.

Like anticipated, we never got another flight and our vacation didn't materialize but, none of us complained at all.

The valuable lesson that my son learnt that day will stay with him for the rest of his life. He will value human lives more than materialistic things and become a warm, kind hearted human and for me that is a huge accomplishment!

Had I made a decision to leave that day, my son would undoubtedly have gone with me, but would've thought that it's okay to be cold and selfish. I am glad I made the right choice!

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